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Happy halloween!

 SO halloween just passed!  It was AMAZING!  I had a big party and it had an amazing turn out.  Here are some pictures.  I also wanted to should out to my mom and dad!  thanks for the chips, they were a big hit!  Love you guys!

I was a pin up monster!

This is out dining room!  we decorated it so cute!

Introducing Tyler!  He is super handsome.  This is his first post.

He jumped in for the picture of our decorated living room.

Tyler and I

Kyle was the monopoly guy

I wanted to be the monopoly guy.

I win

Tyler said to make it rain

I said clean that mess up boy

I'm pretty sure he ate at least one pound of these chips himself

Asheton was a zombie!  Very Convincing!

Mikey was also a zombie because where theirs one zombie theirs a million.

Casnadra was a dead bride and her boyfriend Alex was a lady

THE GIRLS!  From left to right:
Nicole is poison ivy, Jess is the Joker, Jena was a Kitty, and Martine was a vampire

Martine and Chase 

Martine and I.
She always makes this face when we are in pictures together
My make up was done here.

Martine and Nicole
Nicole looks so beautiful here



Jena makes a lovely kitten


Tyler and Jena.  I love how silly she is.

The Munsters

Introducing Lily!  Shes so cute but looks pretty happy considering this was right before we ate her.

Lady GAGA was there!

And these people i didnt know

Asheton couldnt have been happier

All my friends from hot topic, me, laren, sean, and chase

Zombie Vs. Monster

Mikey looked siiiiiick


Mommies little monsters

Imma eat you!

Theirs not a single person in this picture i knew


Who needs brains when you have utz

We were so scary!

Monster VS. Zombie
i had cheese in my mouth

Family portrait

well thats all!  hope you enjoyed!  

Randomness Of Me!

Sometimes when I don’t have anything better to do I jump on the train and ride it around the city while I listen to my ipod. I love doing this even though people think I’m crazy. It’s a nice way to relax, just like riding around aimlessly in a car.

Alone, first person on the train.

I was waiting for the N Judah train inside Embarcadero station.
You can see me in the dome mirror if you look close.

Got my O's Card. Magic. Unfortunately I have as much luck with money in this account as the Orioles do in baseball... womp womp.

Ryan turned me onto these vegan noodles.
They really are amazing.
I also straightened my hair, you can see how long its getting now.


Meet my friends!

This is me and my friends Martine! I met here threw work, she is awesome. We were on the train headed to the bar.

Instead of going to the bar we met up with out other friend Jena! This is Martine and Jena on the bus back to Jenas and then all three of us.

I didn't know we were supposed to be making stupid faces.

This is Ryan, and a cat. We don't have any pictures together, I'll work on that.

This is the big pot of chili we made together. It was too hot for Ryan to eat. Ha.

Me at work!

this is part of my work

this is me doing what i always do at work... nothing

Mikeys birthday

Well a lot has happened sense I last posted! Mikey turned the big 25 and I’ve been working a lot and hanging out with all my new friends. I’ve also been working a lot and trying to save to come home to visit for the holidays. My hairs getting so long I need to cut my bangs again. The weathers been really funky, it goes back and forth from hot to cold. Today its got to be over 70 and yesterday it was in the 50s and we had a bad rain storm. I’ve recently connected with a few people from my family I haven’t herd from so that’s really good as well. This post contains a lot of pictures so I made sure to label them all so you can fallow. Sorry some of them are crappy, I used my phone to take them. I’ll post a video update too soon! Promise! Love you guys!

OK! First things first, Mikeys Big two five!

Mom sent Mikey a birthday box that had large paper money in it and party supplies so we put it all to good use. We tapped the money to the ceiling. It was a surprise so we all hid behind the table in the dark till Mikey and Kyle got home.

She sent us big bird plates and stuff that we used and noise makers we were blowing out the window to scare strangers passing by.

We took this one just for my mom. See how happy Mikey was!

This was not necessary.





Here we go!

welcome to indiana!

theirs nothing out here!

st louis! Missouri!

the arch doesnt look so big next to flat kathi!

here it comes...

kansas city!

welcome to kansas!

right before we saw the wicket witch of the west!

there i am! ready to go!

denver colorado!

the mile high city

o utah

salt lake city

ill get us there faster!

its the great salt lake!

thats not sand thats salt!

welcome to nevada

dont blink or youll miss reno!

Hello to TN

Hello everyone in TN! I made this video for all of you! Mikey makes a brief guest appearance as the bitter old man on the computer. I do miss you all even though I seem bitchy when I was saying hello to all of you, its just hard to remember who was all down there cus theirs a lot of you!  Wish I were there too!  Hope it makes you laugh. Love you guys.

Aug. 7th, 2009

Hello! Sorry their hasn’t been a real update in a little while, but how sweet was that video one? I thin I’ll start doing more of those; they’re easier then uploading a bunch of picture and typing, so every once and a while I’ll upload a video and show you folks around. Let me know what you want to see and I would be happy to give you a tour, or introduce to you some new things, or even just show you some daily routines. Either way here’s some easy pictures I figured I give a little upload so you can see me and see how it’s going.

This is our hippy couch. We bought this on the way back from the grocery store one day at some hippies yard sale. It was $10 and we had to carry it almost a whole mile home. It weighed about 200lbs and was not fun. We stopped at every corner street and hung out on it for a minute to gather ourselves. This was on 28th, with 8 blocks to go still.
Mikey, Ashton, and I doing the pregame thing. It looks like I was attempting to eat my glasses… I don’t remember. Hippy couch makes an appearance, under my butt.
“O REALLY?! THAT SOUNDS SO INTERESTIGN TO ME!” On the Muni on our was to the castro.
I believe I was saying “I am so drunk and obnoxious right now!”

In the bar ridding old Sparky. That tramp stole my quarter. Then we almost got kicked out for trying to take the handicap elevator downstairs.
That’s all the update for now folks. I think I’m going to take a video of me riding one of the Muni’s soon or something extremely San Francisco. Idea’s are welcome.

the journey

Hello all! I am updating you from Salt Lake City Utah! It’s currently 9:30 am central and about 7000 miles above sea level. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to update you the past 2 days because our days went from 12 hours to 15 plus hours and didn’t end up getting into our destination till after 1 am. Go far we have traveled all over and say some pretty amazing things. Gone threw 9 states, went threw St. Louis and saw the amazing arch, we went threw Kansas City and say royals stadium, past Denver and the rocky mountains, we drove threw the great plains and the red dessert. We took a 22 foot truck that I have also had the pleasure of driving, which has been fun but mostly just horrific. We have only has on casualty which was shattered glass from one of our pictures, but if that’s all that happens that’s fine with me… and we also kind of had to drive threw a tornado in Kansas.

I’m so fortunate that I am able to take a trip like this and see the things I’ve seen. I wish that I had the money to take more time and stop in all the beautiful places out here. I don’t know if I could ever handle driving across the country again like this though. Maybe it’s because we didn’t plan realistically… and when I say we I mean my brothers boyfriend. A 4 day trip with 12 hours each day isn’t very realistic I guess. Anyway it’s almost 11 so we gotta get out of the hotel. Today we will be going threw Nevada then arriving in San Fran!!!!

my mommy made us a big breakfast, yum!
my dad creeping in the background

they see us rollin, they haten

the vast nothing that is kentucky, and i

st louis

bad picture of the back of the royals stadium
kansas city

kansas city

denver! colorado